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Hong Kong Atlas (2012-16) by award-winning contemporary artist Zoran Poposki considers the centerless chronotope of global negotiation and interchange between agents from different cultures as an emerging network of new pathways of translation across multiple formats of expression and communication.

This post-digital printmaking project is an intersemiotic translation of Dung Kai-cheung’s novel "Atlas: The Archaeology of an Imaginary City", a book of (postmodern) fiction about Hong Kong. It traces the locations in that book onto the real terrain of today's Hong Kong by means of a psychogeography documented in digital photographs, and is then once again transcoded into visual form as a series of mixed media works combining archival pigment print on canvas, screenprint ink, acrylic, oil-and-wax and china ink. This is a project about positionality, a sense of place, about cultural translation and transcoding, and about mediating between different cultural flows.

Selected artworks from the series exhibited at: 30 Biennial of Graphic Arts Ljubljana, Viridian Gallery in New York City, Art Stays International Festival of Contemporary Art, Art Basel Hong Kong, Asia Contemporary Art Show in Hong Kong, CCA Art Gallery in Hong Kong, Osage Art Foundation in Hong Kong, etc.

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