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The Hauntology (Apparitions, 2017-18) series of paintings by Poposki explores being and representation through an alternative art history of imagined temporal disjunctions inhabited by spectres of famous modern icons as ghosts coming to haunt their predecessors: the great Old Master of Venetian painting Gianbattista Tiepolo having a vision of Lenin appearing on the Island of San Lazzaro degli Armeni where centuries later Stalin worked as a monastery bell-ringer; philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche being visited by two angels of the annunciation proclaiming the coming of the iconoclastic proto-postmodernist artist Francis Picabia; contemporary appropriation artist Richard Prince appearing on a flying machine before the playwright Bertolt Brecht while on a visit to China; ancient greek sculptor Polykleitos dreaming of Bruce Nauman descending a staircase; a piece of Renaissance music for five voices composed and performed by Koko the Clown for the poet Sylvia Plath as heard in a vision of Botticelli.

To be exhibited in a white cube gallery space. All works are paintings on canvas (gallery wrap, ready to hang). Work sizes range from 32x24x1.5 inches (smallest) to 60x48x1.5 inches (largest). 

Artwork from the series selected as Finalist (Painting category) in the Global Art Awards 2017 in Dubai.

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