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Ruined World is Finalist at 56th WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival

Dr Zoran Poposki's short film Ruined World has been selected as a finalist at the prestigious 56th WorldFest Houston International Film Festival! WorldFest is one of the oldest and most influential independent film festivals in the U.S., recognizing and awarding talented filmmakers for over 50 years.

"Being named a finalist at WorldFest is a tremendous honor and a validation of this innovative filmmaking technique. I'm grateful for this platform to share my creative work and join the conversations about AI and the arts," said the director Poposki.

This nomination comes on the heels of getting selected as a Finalist in the 53rd Annual USA Film Festival's International Short Film & Video Competition in Dallas, Texas.

"Being recognized in these two prestigious international film festivals among so many talented filmmakers is already a reward in itself. I hope my film can provide an example of how AI tools can be used to augment and enhance human creativity rather than replace it. Filmmaking requires empathy, emotion, and life experiences - things that AI does not inherently possess. But when combined with human creativity and storytelling skills, AI can open up new possibilities for the medium," said Dr Poposki.


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