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Poposki Cairo Biennale
Zoran Poposki We Immigrants Translation(
Poposki, Leopard with Clouds


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Painting. Drawing. Printmaking. Photography. Digital Art

Award-winning contemporary artist and curator based in Hong Kong.

"Contemporary lives in altermodernity have become journeys in a chaotic universe, transforming it into a territory which may be traveled both in time and space. In such a changing terrain, individuals’ daily practices, as well as their sense of self, rely on constant translation and mediation between identities and cultures, an ongoing process of negotiation of cultural meanings."

Zoran Poposki

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Poposki's artistic research has a key point of reference regarding the history of art on an international scale

regarding the artist as subject matter. 

Poposki's work  contributes to an important area of research for postmodern artists: the relationship of traditional visual art practice with the accelerating proliferation of digital visual media across our global culture. 

The combination of multiple media and historic/ mythological narratives place Poposki in the tradition of artists such as Roy Liechtenstein and Robert Rauschenberg.

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