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Christie's Education Global Conference: The Chinese Art Market - Hong Kong as a Global Art Hub


Panel Abstract

Over the past decade, Hong Kong’s art market has experienced an unprecedented growth, emerging as the third-largest in the world. Factors such as the city’s free-market economy and well developed infrastructure, as well as its unique position as an entry point into the burgeoning Chinese art market, have lead to major global art fairs and galleries establishing their presence in the city, in addition to the already present international auction houses. The recent opening of Tai Kwun - Centre for Heritage and Arts and the forthcoming M+, the new museum of visual culture in Hong Kong, as part of the West Kowloon Cultural District, are designed to serve to further seal Hong Kong’s position and contribute to the continued growth of its art market. This panel will explore the multifaceted nature of the Hong Kong art ecosystem from a contemporary perspective, from business and law studies to cultural studies and arts management. It seeks to provide an in-depth and critical understanding of the contemporary art ecology in Hong Kong, by developing further the discussion on these topics: main institutions, galleries, collectors, and other actors driving the development of the Hong Kong art market, on both the commercial and the non-profit side; effects of the expanding art market on the development of the city's art scene; dynamics of the relationship between the Hong Kong art market and the wider Chinese art market; and key emerging opportunities for its future development as well as challenges to Hong Kong's status as Asia art market hub, in the wake of recent events such as the Hong Kong protests and the China–United States trade war, as well as the Covid-19 global pandemic. 

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