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Digital art on the streets of Paris

Polyptech's AI artwork Peace Piece will be exhibited with CADAF (Crypto and Digital Art Fair) at the Digital Art Month in Paris from 1-30 June 2022. The art will be exhibited via QR codes throughout the streets of Paris.

Peace Piece is a short animated film generated by artificial intelligence (AI) in collaboration with award-winning contemporary artist and director Polyptech. The visuals are a series of AI-generated artworks created by Polyptech through text-to-image synthesis utilizing a neural network. The neural network was trained by Polyptech through thousands of iterations to generate visuals based on a string of prompts associated with peace, such as pacifism, no war, harmony, demilitarisation, empathy, love, human rights, social justice, sisterhood, humanity, love, etc. The lyrics in the video represent an AI-generated poem co-written with Polyptech, based on Emily Dickinson's poetic reflection upon peace and belonging, I many times thought Peace had come. The AI uses a generative text model developed by Open AI, leveraging machine learning and deep learning to achieve the generation of natural language. The music in the film is a generative sound piece created by an AI music algorithm.

Digital Art Month is a month-long celebration of digital and new media art presented by CADAF, featuring Augmented Reality (AR) and Video Art Exhibitions placed in public spaces and online. Digital Art Month takes place in Paris, NYC, and Miami.

Launched in 2019, CADAF is the art fair dedicated to digital and contemporary art. CADAF

supports the expansion of digital and new media art through a dedicated program of art fairs, exhibitions and panel discussions around the world, nurturing and promoting the most exciting talents in cultural innovation. The art fair provides spaces for participants to discover and connect with the world’s most important artists, galleries, curators and collectors within the digital art market.

Polyptech is an award-winning artist-curator producing digital art on the blockchain using artificial intelligence (AI). Their video poetry, NFT art, AI Art, and generative art have been exhibited internationally, including Ars Electronica in Linz, Austria, and the Crypto and Digital Art Fair (CADAF) in Paris, France. Polyptech’s poetry film, Ruined World: An AI Elegy, will premiere in Los Angeles in June 2022 at the New Media Art Festival. See more of Polyptech's art in the Metaverse.


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